Be Intentional


Be intentional.

Renew your purpose daily. Be transparent in what you want to achieve. Align your thoughts with your heart’s desires. Align your actions with your thoughts. And allow your spirit to guide the entire process.

Day to day we face emotional situations. One minute you’re up and the next you’re down, but somewhere in the mix there’s a part of us that want to constantly move on. It wants to constantly transcend. Your spirit doesn’t want to be bogged down. Your life source is fluid. Bending, flowing, and diffusing to higher potentials…

So, be intentional. Be intent in being spirit led.

Be intent in looking for the positives. Be intent on keeping your eye on what it is that you want. Because what you want is possible for you to have.

Intention & Effort

Your efforts will bring your intentions to life. ✨
Physical and mental exercises are the driving forces in sustaining an intention and manifesting your wants. One of my go to exercises is reciting mantras throughout the day. Mantras are words, statements, or sounds repeated to aid concentration in meditation. You can also use visualizations by forming a mental image of the intention.


Let’s say I my intention is to work out for the day. First, I must know that my intention is not merely exercising my body. Working out revives the body and improves my overall fitness. An increased fitness gives me more energy and with more energy I’ll feel better mentally. So, knowing this, throughout the day I may give my myself a constant reminder of my intention with a short mantra. “I will be healthier. I will be stronger. I will be fitter.” While reciting my mantra (aloud) I will visualize myself working out and feeling good. Once I add in a little will power, I’m working out in no time.

Speaking aloud is a physical exercise and visualizations are a mental exercises. Together, they make your words real and give the universe more access to help your intention manifest. You have to be persistent in your efforts in order to manifest your blessings.


Intentions and Openness
Be open. Don’t let should’ves, could’ves, would’ves, or your past unsuccessful efforts block you from manifesting the things you want now. It is not your intention to punish yourself or worry about how you will make it. It is your intention to have faith that everything will work out for the best…. Read More
be intentional - no worries

The Rose of Jericho


Dry, brittle, and dehydrated are the branches of the Rose of Jericho. To the unknowing eye, it looks like a curled up dead plant in the dry season. Like just another organism that failed to exist. Yet, the unknowing eye is wrong.


The symbolism of this flower is resilience

I speak about resilience a great deal. This is because I’m constantly reminded that it is a quality that is needed for my survival. Coasting in life is easy when things are happening according to planned. We don’t question our survival. We bloom. Happy with our water, soil, and glorious sunlight. But when we feel like we’ve lost control of our situation, which is something we’re really never in control of in the first place, we tend to question our survival.

What about when the rainfalls are too heavy, and your soil is saturated with water. Your roots can’t take in anymore. Or strong winds knock you over, uproot you, and you’re tumbling to an unknown place. What happens if you end up in the desert? Blown around by hot air and sand. Drained by the sun. Scorched and in desiccation.


The unforetold circumstances of life can and will topple us. They will push us to our absolute limits. However, there is one act in life of which we always maintain control. That is the decision to quit or fight through.

​In this garden of life, I choose to be a Rose of Jericho. A flower than can withstand being buried by desert sands for decades. And when the dunes blow away and unearth this plant, it rides the winds in hopes of reaching a desert oasis or feeling the desert rain. Then it can once again bloom and spread its seeds to create more resilient life.


​I know my trials are not over and there are more obstacles ahead, but I am thankful for finding the desert rain. I am happy that while I ventured through a dry patch in my life I was able to see that love from the people around me was my true oasis. Not a mirage or a hallucination. Real love from real people. Now, it is time that I usher in new resilient life.


Take me to the water.

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