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 Book Description

Daydreams of an old flame’s lips, or cuddling up with a new romance, won’t untaint a poisoned love. In TRIGGER, Selena Harris eludes her problems by running to her fantasies, but reality is always on her tail. Daydreams can’t keep her safe from the dangers of love, jealousy, and heartbreak, or from living out her destiny. You may finish this sexy, drama-filled novel wondering what triggers your dreams.

Release Date: June 17, 2017
Genre: Fiction
Specs: Matte Cover,  5.5 x 8.5,  344 Pages, 50 Chapters​

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Meditation Tools

These lovely kits include one candle, one healing crystal, One energy-clearing herb, one mantra, and meditation instructions. This is great for beginning meditators, or if you want to take your meditation tools on the go. 

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Self-Awareness Coaching


Faith Underwood Self-Awareness Coaching IG (1) Self-Awareness is…

Slowly pulling away extrinsic layers and exposing your true self. As we grow, many of us begin to wear the perceptions of others. We identify ourselves with the expectations that people have of us.

The perception of you that matters the most belongs to you. Get back to you. Listen to your intuition carefully. Be totally honest with yourself.

Self awareness is being aware of your greatness. It’s choosing to look past your self-criticism and be proud of yourself first. You are great even while you grow. You are allowed to have break-downs, make mistakes, start over, and be triumphant. And at every turn, you are allowed love. It is imperative that you accept love from yourself and pass it on.

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